Woven Gold Choir

Woven Gold

We are so happy to welcome Woven Gold as the musical highlight of our Spotlight on Asylum festival season.

Woven Gold is a choir of refugees and asylum seekers from many of our world’s most desperate and divided countries. Members have fled from treacherous and threatening circumstances in Iran, Algeria, Myanamar, Chechnya, Pakistan, Congo and Uganda – with the common desire to find sanctuary. Over the past ten years, they have formed a family through their love of music and their yearning for peace, safety and solidarity.

As one member has explained:

“I believe that music is the best way to live without borders, in peace, as a world family. Woven Gold has shown us that though they may be different colours and notes, the sounds are universal”.

The choir has performed at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues, but also continues to bring their music to smaller and more intimate community events. Woven Gold, which has been together in a fluid form for over ten years, is part of the Helen Bamber Foundation and is supported by a number of excellent professional UK musicians who give of their time, energy and advice for free. The songs are either composed by members of the choir or are renditions of traditional music from each of their countries. They are sung in their many different languages.

The songs are powerful, haunting, inspirational and simply beautiful. The audience is always touched by the rich diversity of music and culture of the various nations. More importantly however, is the powerful sense that this choir is bound together by an expression of beauty without fear of repression.

“More than a survivor, I am more” ……and “All that was broken has not broken me/All that was taken has not taken me”.

The concert will be followed by a Mediterranean buffet – included in ticket price. 

When: Saturday 13th October
What time: 7pm-11pm
Where:  Karamel London
                4 Coburg Road 
                London, N22 6UJ