About the festival

From 7th September – 31st October PramDepot is taking over Karamel N22 for Spotlight on Asylum, an exhibition and festival that will celebrate the women we support and question the asylum system that they find themselves embroiled in.
We want to raise awareness and inform the local community about the asylum process and how it impacts on the women that our contributors support. Many people from our local community provide us with all the recycled baby clothes and equipment we need, so much so that we often have to close for a few weeks to catch up with sorting all the wonderful things that are donated.
Many people donate to us because they expressly want to support vulnerable new mums. Most know that the women we support live in difficult circumstances but few have a real understanding of how the mums live and the process they have to go through in order to get their ‘leave to remain’.
Most of the mums we support live in Home Office accommodation, which is usually a room of 10 by 12 feet, with a kitchenette and shower. They live on around £40 per week, which is given to them on a pre-payment card that can only be spent in certain shops.