Over the past few months we have approached artists and creatives from the local community and beyond, asking them to become PramDepot Angels by creating and donating a piece that represents their personal interpretation of the word angel. Each piece donated will form a collaborative installation, representing the PramDepot community and the generous and ongoing support we receive and will be on display at Karamel N22 as part of the Spotlight on Asylum exhibition and festival, from 7th September until 21st November.
The art work, by artists including Anthony Gormley, Tracey Emin, Rachel Whiteread, Alison Wilding and Mark Wallinger, will be up for auction throughout the festival via the links below, with all proceeds going to the running costs of PramDepot.
The exhibition will be on from 7th September until 20th November at Karamel N22: 10am – 7pm Monday – Saturday. (12pm – 7pm on Sundays)
Private view: 13th September from 7pm.
Where:    Karamel London
                 4 Coburg Road 
                 London, N22 6UJ
Bidding opens 7th September and closes 21st November 2018 at midday.
To view each piece and start bidding please click on icons below :
Bernard Swift
Antony Gormley
Lindsey Simons
Victoria King
Susan Webster
Jemma Storey
Rebecca Jewell
Mark Wallinger
Karen Whiteread
Ursula Kellett
Paul Berry
Jayne Barber
Tim Benson
Liz Collini
Iola Henri
Karen Whiteread
Caroline Dunning
Non Worrall
Anoushka Giltsoff
Claire Nixon
Lawrie Simonson
Brian Whar
Esther Sample
Duncan Phillips
Sean Lock
Shohre Vakili
Barrie Dwyer
Bryan Kneale
Eliza Patrascu
Silvia Alba
Kate Trafeli
Mark Waldron
Rachel Whiteread
Rachel Whiteread
Emily Wood
Laetitia Lafont
Georgia Harding
Yana Stajno
Marie Murphy
Carolyn Raven
Lara Harwood
Sarbjit Natt
Alison Wilding RA
Tim Stocks
Tracey Emin CBE RA
Annabel Dowsing
Anne McNeill-Pulati
Simone Brown
Adam E Justice Mills
Elizabeth Costello
Fiona Carson
Eden Kötting
Leila McMillan
Andrew Kotting
Sue Thomson Born
Tamara Farrell
Denise Barns
Marigold Palmer-Jones
Esther Serrano
Steven Gregory
Tania Kovats
Sarah Larkin
Amy Buzzard
Nick Mulvey
Alex Hartley
Clare B. Davies
Ratika Fernandes
Claire Brewster
Rosa Whiteread
Manda Simmons
Vaughan Melzer
Marianne Fox Ockinga
Lucy Chapman
Nooshie Nodeh-Farahani
Lynne Whiteread
Connor Taylor Whiteread
Pat Whiteread
Suzi Gillespie
Len McCluskey
Helena Folkmans
Lynne Whiteread
Jane Snowsill
Gill Steiner
Kassandra Isaacson
Clare Burchill
Salina Thomas
Moyra Scott
Panayiotis Vasıl
Brigitte Evill
Anna Mcalister
Annie Muir
Gabrielle Boucher
Claudia Mele
Al Johnson
Ariella Puma
Andy Steer
Virginia Waterhouse
Michelle Selway
Pete Ross
Andi Mindel
Emma Franks
Susan Rosenberg
Hannah Moore
Susan Rosenberg
Amber Whiteread
Julie Kavanagh and Anne Rivington
Samantha McEwen
Catherine Teatum
Maria Kalnars
Tony Mahama
Gary Snelling
Victoria Lochhead
David Batchelor
Adam Baron
Jillian Knipe
Hayley Meraki Reynolds
Fern Daniel
Ellie Sampson
Axa Shareen
Natalie Kynigopoulou
Manoj Ambasna
Nigel Swift
Michael Rosen
Faith Caton
Judy Pilarczyk
Jeremy Corbyn PM